ITConnect’s Inside Plant Services

Inside plant (ISP), also known as Inside Premise or In-Premise, is a term used for the communications system installed inside a building. This can be copper or fiber and includes all the equipment and cabling which services the communications of the building. These systems can include low voltage cabling such as ethernet, voice, paging, security, and CATV.

We are experts in the design, installation, and upkeep of Inside Plant. Your Inside Plant Systems must be designed well to support the your Network as it evolves over the years.

Advantages of ITConnect’s Inside Plant Services

Our well designed and installed systems will

  • Be more cost effective
  • Allow for expansion as your network needs evolve
  • Be cusomtized for your unique needs

ITConnect Inside Plant Services include:

  • Analysis and Design
  • Overall Project Management
  • Category 5e, 6 and 6a cable
  • Feeder Installation
  • Multimode and Single Mode Fiber Installation
  • Fiber Termination and Splicing
  • OTDR Testing
  • Conduit Installation